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I have focused on British coin collecting since 1967 - the final year the old "LSD" coins were minted.  I specialize in coins dated 1838-1967, farthing through halfcrown (minors).  In addition, proof and mint sets from 1839 to 1970 are always of interest.

My new email address is wybrit@gmail.com

What I buy

I will buy British coins and collections at a fair price.  I prefer top grade specimens within my stated areas of interest.

Free Advice

Of course, it may be worth what you paid for it!!  Please feel free to ask me any questions you have about British coins you have, are studying or are interested in getting.  This is my way of giving back to the hobby.  If I can't find the answer, I can probably get it from the PCGS World and Ancient Coins forum, where I find other folks like myself interested in this hobby, providing advice and support to new and even experienced collectors.  Oh, and they are very civilized there.  This is the only forum where I both read and contribute.  There are also coin giveaways offered from time to time at the site, so please stop by!

The Website

My website, sponsored solely by me, is dedicated to providing information to the new collector.  It is bigger than ever, now that I have located to a new space.

I hope you will find some useful information about sometimes painful lessons learned, collecting tips, my philosophy on coin grading and some grading tips. I also have some commentary on myths in rarities. I also publish a periodic market report on coins of the era that I collect.

Please feel free to check out what I have for sale as well.

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Due to the normal concerns about coin collecting as a hobby, the coins I collect are photographed and securely stored at a location far from my home.

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