Updated 12/06/2010

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Coins for Sale

See coin links at left.  Terms and conditions are shown below.

Don't like the price?  Please email me and make me an offer!

Please note:  My mailing address for payments is:  T. Carroll, PO Box 1212, Broomfield, CO 80038-1212. 

I accept: cash in $US or £GB, money orders in $US, US bank personal cheques, PayPal (purchases of $10.00 or more). I will ship items immediately upon receipt of payment. Personal cheques from those unknown to me will delay shipment until the cheque clears.

Shipping: Shipping to anywhere is at cost. "At cost" in most cases means postage plus the cost of the packing and mailing supplies and in some case travel to the post office. All orders must be insured with proof of delivery.  Free shipping for orders over $100 in the United States.  $15 shipping charge applies to other countries when order is over $100 (this is a lot less than the Post Office charges).

Unfortunately, some countries prohibit or restrict shipments of numismatic specimens. In order to protect both buyer and seller, I reserve the right to refuse to sell to individuals who live in such countries. Please click on this link to the US Post Office website for more details.

Return policy:  Returns 7 days after receipt of shipment. If a coin is sealed inside a package, breaking the package voids any return. You must return items insured with proof of delivery per PayPal. If I fail to give an accurate description of the item (overgrading, etc), your refund will be the full purchase including the postage. Returns for all other reasons will be refunded in the amount of the purchase, not including postage.

Cleaning: - there are only two instances where I will clean a coin. (1) If a coin has clear PVC damage, I will rinse with acetone in order to halt any further damage. I rarely do this because of the risks of mishandling. (2) Use an inert air duster to remove dust/lint, which if left on the coin could lead to "carbon spots." I will not clean coins by polishing, using brushes or applying chemically reactive agents. Such methods cause unwanted removal of material and detract from a coin's appeal and value. I make a plea with those who indulge in these practices to stop - the damage that is done will be irreversible. Please preserve a coin's surface so that it may be enjoyed by future generations.

Counterfeits: I don't like them, I don't want them and I don't want you as a buyer ever to get one from me. Return the suspect item to me immediately. At that point, I promptly will obtain a professional second opinion and let you know the verdict. If the verdict comes back that the item is indeed a fake, my full refund return policy applies and the item will be destroyed.

Happy collecting!