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Brit Tips

Here is a collection of the British Coin collecting tips I have posted on the CU website. Click on a tip to access!

Tip #1:  Caution to those using Spink as a price guide.  Posted 7/6/2003

Tip #2:  What is the “dots on shield” variety found on some copper halfpennies?  Posted 7/8/2003

Tip #3:  Where is the mintmark on my bronze coin?  Posted 7/11/2003

Tip #4:  What are English and Scottish Shillings?  Posted 7/15/2003

Tip #5:  Why are the pennies of 1944, 1945 and 1946 so ugly?  Posted 7/23/2003

Tip #6:  Grading standards in the UK and the United States are different.  Posted 7/23/2003

Tip #7:  Watch your BMs or, how to identify the George V effigy.  Posted 8/1/2003

Tip #8:  Check your 1953 farthings for “pointings.”  Posted 8/7/2003

Tip #9:  Beware of modern coin repackagings.  Posted 8/10/2003

Tip #10:  Save your UNC junk.  Posted 8/15/2003

Tip #11:  What are the dates I should watch for in modern British coinage (1937-1970)?  Posted 8/23/2003

Tip #12:  Make certain Britannia gives you the finger(s).  Posted 9/3/2003

Tip #13:  What’s the difference between “High Tide” and “Low Tide?”  Posted 9/20/2003

Tip #14:  Die numbers were used to see when the dies would die.  Posted 12/13/2003

Tip #15:  More die numbers and letters.  Posted 12/19/2003

Tip #16:  British Victorian Copper Coins All Look the Same (or do they?)!  Posted 4/13/2004

Tip #17:  Modern Halfpenny Varieties.  Posted 4/16/2004

Tip #18:  Copper and Bronze Dates to Watch for, 1838-1936.  Posted 4/4/2005

Tip #19:  Small Silver Dates to Watch for, 1838-1936.  Posted 4/6/2005

Tip #20:  On the subject of George V Florins (1911-1926).  Posted 3/13/2011

Tip #21:  Shilling dates to watch for 1838-1936.  Posted 3/13/2011

Tip #22:  1911 George V varieties.  Posted 3/13/2011

Tip #23:  The long and short of the Vicky Sixpence line.  Posted 3/13/2011