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Brit Tip #22

1911 George V varieties.

In 1911, the new coinage of George V was introduced.  On nearly every denomination from farthing through gold coinage, there appeared two portrait varieties.  These are known as the "Hollow" Neck and "Flat" Neck varieties.  Most dealers do not distinguish the varieties from a cost standpoint and to my knowledge no true study of comparative rarity of the two has been undertaken.

Identifying the varieties can be tricky.  The first step is to grab a coin with the "flat" neck, which can be certainly found on any coin dated 1912 or beyond.  Now you have your standard.  The next step is to view your 1911 specimen to determine whether you have a "Hollow" neck or not. 

(1) The proof and Maundy coinage of 1911 is always of the "Flat" Neck variety.
(2) All 1911 halfcrowns are "Flat" Neck.

After ruling out these cases, examine the neck just above the "B" of the engraver's initials.  Determine whether there is a dent in the neck from that point upwards and to the right.  A dent implies the "Hollow" variety while no dent means it is the "Flat" variety.

Figure 1.  Hollow Neck.
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Figure 2.  Flat Neck.
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Posted 3/13/2011 and linked to CU